"A global resource center for women who work in the law"

"In my career, having the opportunity to read about women's professional issues and the ability to network with other women professionals have been two of the most rewarding experiences. 
Women in Law will be a unique and useful tool for its readers." -- Dianna Kempe, President, International Bar Association 2000-2002

Who We Are

Welcome to Women in Law International, a global network for women attorneys and professionals. This online resource, also the umbrella organization for www.womeninlaw.com, connects lawyers across the world around such vital issues as Corporate Social Responsibility, Gender, Diversity and Sustainability. We support the development of country specific organisations to further the advancement of these issues on the national level, as well as offer membership opportunities regionally and nationally.

What We Do

The law touches the lives of all women, not only those who work within the justice system. Knowledge of the law is a valuable asset that allows women lawyers to assist and inform fellow women lawyers as well as to support other female professional and business colleagues. To help disseminate knowledge about legal topics that directly impact women’s lives Women in Law International provides a platform for exchange of information about developments in the law and practical tools that can assist those interested in implementing projects or programmes in the home countries or in other regions where there is a need.

What We Offer

— a global networking forum

— publishing and communication resource

— mentoring and assistance with international career development

— workshops and projects on issues affecting women and the law

— an information exchange for practitioners and academics

— practical guidance on global women rainmaker opportunities

— inspiration for CSR initiatives

— potential support for relocating women lawyers